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Artificial, Synthetic & Fake Grass, Ormand Wide

Synthetic lawn and artificial turf are perfect for private residences or businesses and anywhere that may need sprucing up or where there’s trouble keeping outdoor areas looking and feeling great all year round.

The team at Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance only use Australian-made high-quality synthetic turf.

We’ve been laying artificial grass in Ormand and across the Bayside area for close to 10 years, so make us your first call for getting the artificial lawn you’ve always wanted. At Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance you’ll absolutely be in the best hands, we have landscape experts that we utilise depending upon individual synthetic requirements.

Fernz Landscaping and Garden Maintenance proudly install Australian made synthetic turf only Call us today 0404 092 115. We’ll gladly provide the best synthetic grass solutions for your needs.

The Many Uses Of Artificial Grass

Gone are the days of bright green Astroturf and similar surfaces. Today, our customers enjoy amazingly low maintenance, realistically coloured synthetic lawns in Ormand are readily available to please even the most discerning tastes. Artificial turf can also be a highly effective and flexible solution for many awkward landscape situations, sparing you the effort of maintaining a beautiful lawn on steep slopes, delicate pathways, or tricky outdoor steps. Fake grass is also a superb alternative for indoor floor covering and even walls. See examples of how our options of artificial grass in Ormand can be used for all-year-round low maintenance lawns in homes and commercial areas. Our expert installers of synthetic turf and artificial lawns work all across the Bayside area.

Synthetic Turf For Home And Businesses

It’s important for your home or business location to make a good first impression. As such, synthetic grass in Ormand has become a popular choice.

If you would like help with ideas and advice for your location, our team is happy to make suggestions.

Artificial grass Ormand ends up in many places where, for one reason or another, it is simply the most practical solution. Backyards where the sun doesn’t shine, around pools where chlorine kills natural turf, roof tops and terraces, and even in some quirky places where a bit of colour or just something different is required.

Maintenance is minimal; the occasional brush or a blow is all that is required to keep a synthetic lawn looking in good order. And if pets are present, then the porous nature of our products allows them to be hosed if required.

Artificial Turf Is A Practical Solution

Fake grass, artificial lawns, and synthetic turf in Ormand has come a long way in design, and it provides many benefits for today’s busy world and even the environment. It’s a flexible solution for landscaping, creating a professional, manicured look all year round without having to water your lawn. Other situations in which artificial turf is also ideal include areas where heavy traffic predominates and those that experience more than its fair share of shade. Synthetic lawn Ormand offers several key advantages over natural grass.

First is the time savings: the mower can stay in the shed! Then there’s water conservation, which is important in our drought-prone land. With it, you won’t need to regularly water and fertilise your grass! It’s perfect for the elderly or those with little time, requiring little maintenance to make it look great all year round.

Using synthetic grass also helps lower pollution rates. A lawnmower emits as much pollution in one hour as eleven cars, and grass clippings are the third largest component of rubbish taken to the tip.

Work With The Top Artificial Grass Ormand Specialists

Working with you and understanding your individual needs and requirements, our team and our contractors will craft the finest solutions for your landscaping project. Coupled with our great prices, you can trust our years of knowledge and expertise to give you the right advice for your artificial grass needs in Ormand. Synthetic turf is a great solution for many areas, and having access to our team of professionals can help you achieve fantastic results.

The Fernz crew pride themselves on great customer service and our stunning end results! We encourage you to take a look at our latest projects page Making a beautiful space that’s cost-effective and easy to maintain is what we love to do. At Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance, you’ll find the right synthetic turf and artificial lawn in Ormand – no matter the property type. We’ve been installing artificial grass across the Bayside area for several years, so we can help you create the lawn you’ve always wanted.