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Fernz Landscaping & Garden Services have been providing professional soft landscaping Mordialloc services for close to 20 years.

We understand that a soft landscaping Mordialloc solution can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring extensive knowledge of plants and garden design. If you don’t have the time or expertise to tend to your own landscaping needs, we can help you! Looking for a low cost, low maintenance way to have the most envied garden in the street? Then look no further than the team at Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance. We are an experienced and professional company that will cover you with all your soft landscaping Mordialloc needs.

Soft Landscaping consists of using trees, plants, shrubs, mulch and turf to transform any landscape design without the use of major construction work. Changing the soft features of a landscape is a cost effective way to improve the entire outside look of your home without the expense of major landscaping. Whether you wish to transform a small or large space, Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance can advise you on the most suitable soft landscaping Mordialloc suited to your home.

Looking For Soft Landscaping Services In Mordialloc ?

At Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance, we provide a full suite of soft landscaping Marrickville services, including

If you’ve been dreaming of a new look for your existing garden, we can help! Our talented team are experts at working with the current structure of your landscape to creatively rejuvenate and makeover its present look. With the technical knowledge of soft landscaping we are able to provide innovative soft landscaping Mordialloc solutions to suit your needs and budget.

The Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance team have a passion for creating aesthetically impressive outdoor spaces.

New home or renovation? Need a brand new garden installed from scratch? We can provide you an estimate based on your soft landscaping Mordialloc needs. Our experts can even advise on several plant and materials substitution to increase the value and look of the space and reduce the cost. We can help you create a planting scheme that is beautiful & practical and suits both your aesthetic and lifestyle. Working with the site & the microclimate, while accommodating the levels of garden maintenance you wish to undertake, we can recommend a range of plants that will flourish in your unique circumstances.

We Provide Professional & Affordable Soft Landscaping Mordialloc

Whether you want to transform a small or large area, Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance will provide you with the right advice on all options for soft landscaping supplies to assure a stunning outcome that will be practical, suit your lifestyle and present a fantastic, lasting impression. Planning the right soft landscaping elements is an essential part of the initial design process and the right choices here will ensure the whole project comes together to give you exactly what you are looking for.  So many options exist and we see our role as key in guiding you to make the right choices and sort through the vast array of plants and materials that are available to develop a beautiful garden space.

The Fernz team are able to provide you with knowledgeable advice on all your soft landscaping Mordialloc requirements.

The job of plants is to soften the landscape. Everything from turf and trees to flowers and bulbs all help to bring the structure of your garden together. Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance can help you achieve your vision for your garden, whether it’s creating raised flower beds, planting hedges and shrubs, or selecting the right plants for a garden. We provide a bespoke soft landscaping Mordialloc service for each of our clients, looking at a wide range of colours and varieties to suit your garden and style. We will work with your garden ideas to select the perfect garden plants for any situation.

Contact Us About Your Mordialloc Soft Landscaping Needs

Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance have been providing high quality soft landscaping Mordialloc to customers for nearly 20 years. We can work off plans or we can work together with you the client to create an amazing outdoor space. Let us bring your outdoor area to life and create a space for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Our commitment is to work with you to provide a solution to your landscaping needs and create a beautiful solution enhancing your home. If you need assistance with any soft landscaping Mordialloc, contact us to get a free quote today. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have about our service.