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Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance offer an expert instant turfing Clarinda service that will greatly improve the image of your garden and give your home a fresh, new look. At Fernz we pride ourselves on providing a satisfaction guaranteed, on time and on budget turfing Clarinda service to all customers, whether residential or commercial. We source and install turf for small or large area’s and we can handle any turf laying requirements.

Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance have been providing professional instant turf Clarinda for close to 20 years. We specialise in all forms of soft landscaping and all forms of garden maintenance Clarinda services, and instant turf is one of our essentials.

The Fernz crew will evaluate your lawn and garden area so we can customise our turfing Clarinda services to address problems, encourage healthier lawns, and stay within your budget. With Fernz, you will have the best turf at the best price, with the experts to install it. We choose only the best turf suppliers that guarantee their product. There are many types and species of turf, suitable for different types of soil and different conditions. We can make recommendations as to which type is suitable for the area you want to turf. The most popular choices of quality turf people choose are Kings Pride Buffallo, Kikuya, Santa Ana Couch.

Looking For Instant Turf Services In Clarinda ?

Our turf laying services include fully preparing the site for installation so that you will not need to raise a finger.

Every installation is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our team follows the highest of installation standards:

  1. Removal of original turf and soil
  2. Area is flattened and smoothed
  3. Installing watering / sprinkler units (optional)
  4. Fresh top-soil is placed across the area
  5. Turf is laid to minimise waste and maximise growth
  6. Turf is watered and fed

We remove all concrete, paving, rubbish and excess material as necessary from your site before and after installation, so that you can begin enjoying your new lawn right away.

Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance Services team will help you with every single stage of turf installation from measuring to after care.

Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance understands there is no better way to enhance the ultimate beauty of your garden and success of your new lawn than by implementing the correct preparation before any turfing takes place. Some of the benefits to turfing in the correct way are; increased density, lush green look, less watering and fertilising, and reduced maintenance. For optimum growth, turf needs just four things (in the correct balance) to grow: sunlight, air, water and nutrients. Reduce any of these, or provide too much of any one, and the grass may die or simply suffer. We know how to provide these in the right proportions so that the turf will flourish, providing beauty to your outdoor space.

We Provide Professional & Affordable Instant Turf Clarinda

If your lawn never looks green and lush or you are considering selling, then re turfing is a great option. The process of re-turfing involves removing the original turf, measuring, preparation, installation and after care. If you do not have enough time or expertise to go through every single step, leave it to our talented team at Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance. We will revamp your old lawn and help you throughout the re-turfing process by removing existing grass, rotary hoeing of soil, spreading of fertiliser, spreading out top soil and laying the highest quality of turf.

When it comes to selecting the right turf variety for your environment and personal needs, the Fernz team are here to help you make the right decision.

A professional instant turf Clarinda service from Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance will not only makes your garden look more green and beautiful, but also will improve your property value and offer a health and life-style benefit through providing a comfortable surface for a family picnic lunch that absorbs heat and as a natural filter removes dust and pollutants.

We offer you one of the most affordable and efficient instant turfing Clarinda services so you can save time and money. With nearly 20 years of experience providing instant turf Clarinda, we have many satisfied customers so you know that we have the expertise to provide you with the best quality instant turf Clarinda service.

Contact Us About Your Clarinda Instant Turf Needs

Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance has been providing the highest quality turfing Clarinda, services to satisfied customers for close to 20 years. Trust your turf laying Clarinda needs to Fernz Landscaping & Garden Maintenance by contacting us for an obligation free consultation.

We’re committed to your 100% satisfaction. Our competitive pricing policy, combined with our attention to detail, ensures that homeowners who are looking for a high-quality turfing Clarinda service at a reasonable price have no need to go elsewhere. If you are in seek of a professional and affordable turfing Clarinda service, contact us to get a free inspection and quote. We are happy to provide a quote or answer any questions you might have.