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Instant Turf

Whether you are doing a complete garden make-over or looking to bring to life your garden with some fresh, green grass, the crew at Fernz will help you make the right selection.

We only choose to install turf that is of the highest quality and suited to any garden whether in sun, shade or close to the sea as experienced in the Bayside area.

So if you are thinking about installing instant turf, the Fernz crew will work with you to answer the following questions:

Common Instant Turf Questions:

  1. What turf variety is best suited for Pets?
  2. It is best to select a turf variety that repairs itself like Kikuyu, Santa Ana Couch or Kings Pride Buffalo.
  3. What is the best choice for shaded areas? (Tip: Kings Pride Buffalo is the best choice)
  4. What turf is best install in coastal / seaside areas?
  5. When is the best time to install new turf?
  6. Warm seasons grasses like Kings Pride Buffalo, Kikuyu and Santa Ana Couch are best installed from September to April. Tall Fescue can be installed all year round. Remember to water well during the warmer months.
  7. How to ensure you grass thrives. The importance of irrigation.

About our Instant Turf installations:

Every installation is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our team follows the highest of installation standards:

  1. Removal of original turf and soil
  2. Area is flattened and smoothed
  3. Fresh top soil is placed across the area
  4. Turf is laid to minimise waste and maximise growth
  5. Turf is watered and fed

Contact us today for an obligation free job estimate. Our friendly crew will install instant lawn, creating an immediate uplift to your home.